Seek a Cache - Find a treasure box somewhere around Haputale


we are a of group of young hikers from Thotulagala named Eaglerocks. In a modern form of scavenger hunt we made some trecking tours around Haputale. We have hidden some treasure boxes which you have to find. Modern equipment like GPS navigation, compass and google earth maps are needfull tools to seek and find this caches.

Geomuggles have to become members of to take part in this game. There you will find detailed GPS coordinates. And the winner is? Everybody who finds a box. You can write a message in a notebook and trade one of box items against something you like to give. But keep the box where it is.

Eaglerocks wish you to enjoy your stay in Haputale. It´s our idea to present you some of unknown sights like tempels, mountains, tea estates and nature trails. Do you need more information or help? Any problems with one of our boxes? Please come and meet Shirodh, White Monkey, 3-km-post, Dambatenne Road, Thotulagala.

Eaglerocks have made 5 day tours to hide 14 caches. 13 of them have been published so far.


1. Eagle Rock - Haputale - Thotulagala - better view than Horton Plains


2. Jungle Safari - Thotulagala - No. 10 Waterfall - swimming in a pond


3. Dambatenne Waterfall - a place like the end of the world



4. Diyaluma waterfall Koslanda - where elephants walk closely



5. Lipton Seat - where the best tea comes from



6. Nayabedde Cave - Dambatenne Upper Valley



7. Samimale Rock Temple - shortcut to Pitaratmalie



8. Surungamuni Cave - Haputale viewpoint - Home of Jimmy-Blue




9. Ohiya Udaveriya Cable Car House - On the way to Bambarakanda waterfall



10. Devils Stairs - Nature Trail to Haputale West Pass



11. Bambarakanda - highest waterfall of Sri Lanka





12. Kellebedie Viewpoint - Dambatenne Road Haputale (2.6 km)


13. 80 Acres Viewpoint - Last tea bush under Kellebedie, Kelburne Estate


14. Nikapotha Jungle Safari - down under 80 Acres


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