Schools around Haputale

You will find here photos and information of the schools around Haputale, their history, number of students, teachers, the principals and location. Some of this schools are mentioned with detailed information in the chapter "Social Projects" which get supported by the "Children Park Fund" Haputale. All mentioned names and contact numbers according interviews from February 2008.



1. Haputale Sri Dhammananda M. Vidialaya, Grade 1-13, 305 students, 30 teachers. start March 1929 with 50 students, present principal is Rev. O. Seelawimala chief monk of the temple.

Location: Welimada Temple Road, 800 m from town, behind St. Paul´s Church. 6°45'57.92"N, 80°57'14.46"E


2. Tamil Kanista College, Grade 1-13. The first and biggest school in Haputale. There are 11+2 large buildings. There are only some smaler playing-grounds around the building. Another big ground behind the town market can be used for sport activities.

Location: Beginning of Dambatenne Road (300 m). Entrance opp. New Mosque. 6°46'6.89"N, 80°57'43.81"E


3. Muslim Tamil Vidyalaya opened in 1993 with a large building. Grade 1-9.

Location: 1.5 km north from Haputale town. 6°46'48.42"N, 80°57'50.03"E



Tamil Kanista Vidyalaya. This school has started in the year 1929 under the principal Thiyagaraj. In present time Mrs. J. Velautham is the principal. This school has now 11 teachers and 219 students seperated in two buildings from grade 1-9. This school got in 2008 a double-swing and a climbing tower donated by the Children Park Fund Haputale. More information about this school at "Social Projects".

Location: A16, about 1.5 km above Beragala. 5.5 km from Haputale. 6°45'47.40"N, 80°55'30.99"O.



1. Tamil Kanista Vidyalaya No. 1 (Upper Division). Grade 1-11. There are 425 students and 16 teachers. Principle is P. Parameshwaran (Tel.: 057-5680622), Vice Principle is K. Wiswanathan. There is a historical book reporting to move the school in a better building (13. February 1928). By now this school has several buildings, a large hall, a library, a Multi Media Unit (no equipment) a children park (slide hardly damaged) and a function room with a kitchen. In the auditorium hall there is place for 5 classes which get taught in the same time - but there are no any walls between this classes!

Location: 1 km above the Dambatenne tea factory. Follow the road to Lipton Seat. 6°47'4.97"N, 81° 0'28.35"E


2. Tamil Kanista Vidyalaya No. 2. By now there are no photos available. Grade 1-11. More than 250 students. Principle is Mr. Sundharaj (Te.: 057-5689512).

Location: This school is close to Lipton Seat near the buddhist temple. 6°47'23.29"N, 81° 1'13.06"E


3. Tamil Kanista Vidyalaya No. 3. This primary school in Moussekelle is registered as Dambatenne No. 3 and has grade 1-5 students. There are 6 teachers and 115 students. Rameendrasehar from Badulla is the principle (Tel. 077-6325685), N. Prameela is the vice principle (Tel. 072-3779387). This school has started in 1931 with the old hall next to the hindu temple. In this hall are now the grade 1+2 students. A second building came late in 1991. There are two single rooms for the staff and grade 3. The auditorium is in use by grade 4+5 students. That means 2 teachers and two classes in the same room but no wall between them. A problem you can find at several schools islandwide. Disturbance comes from all sides. This remoted school is in a very poor situation. It shall get in 2009 a double-swing and a climbing tower from the Children Park Fund Haputale. More information about this school at "Social Projects".

Location: A one hour walk from Dambatenne. Follow the old road down under Lipton Seat right side up to the pass and backside down to Moussekelle. 6°46'21.06"N, 81° 0'39.17"E


Tamil Vidyalaya

This is a new school which has been build some hundred meters down unter the south side of Haputale.



1. Tamil Kanista Vidyalaya is a big school with several buildings and a large ground. Grade 1-11.

Location: 200 m behind the Glenanore tea fabric. 6°46'50.76"N, 80°55'16.51"E


2. Rural Knowledge Center - Computer Classes and Satelite Internet

Not a governmental school but good IT-center for young people with fastest and cheapest internet around Haputale. Established in 2005 by the Information & Communications Technology Agency (ICTA), Glenanore Knowledge Centre (Glenanore Nenasala) is a comprehensive youth and community development project. Glenanore Knowledge Centre simultaneously addresses several core issues facing low-income communities, education, jobs and leadership development. It uniquely addresses the status of unemployed/underemployed young men and woman by teaching them how to use the technologies they’ve grown up with, to offer a business value through business process outsourcing.

Location: By Welimada Road 6 km from Haputale. 4.7 km to the Glenanore bus halt, 1 km to the tea fabric. Turn right side down behind the tea fabrik (+150 m) and go to the left hand colonial building with the big satellite dish infront of the building. 6°46'51.87"N, 80°55'21.56"E



Tamil Kanista Vidyalaya. Primary school from grade 1-5. This school started on the 1st. January 1948. Mr. Isec was the first principal and there were 25 students with him. After that from 1963-1983 Mr. A. Sathasivam was the principal with a total number of 85 students. The old building with the quarter of the principal is close to the hindu temple. A newer building is close by on a hill. This school got 2007 a double-seasaw and a double-swing donated by the Children Park Fund Haputale. More information about this school at "Social Projects".

Location: Follow the A16 from Haputale to Bandarawela about 4.2 km, turn left to the Kahagalla tea frabric (+200m), turn left and down to the school (+200 m). 6°47'51.39"N, 80°58'20.18"E



Tamil Kanista Vidyalaya No. 2 belongs to Bandarawela but lies in closer distance to Bandaraeliya and Dambatenne. Visited on a misty and rainy day we got inside photos only. There are 80 students from grade 1-5 taught by 6 teachers and principal K. Sivapragasam (Tel. 077-4253014). All classes are in a large hall also used as auditorium. There is a wide playing ground infront of the building and tea plantation all around. This remoted school is in a poor situation which would need some more help.

Location: Above Dambatenne tea factory behind the big redwhite radio tower. 6°48'1.13"N, 81° 0'11.64"E



1. Tamil Kanista Vidyalaya No. 1 is a school with 11 teachers and 225 students from grade 1-11. Principle is P. I. Augustine (Tel. 057-5673473) who has his quarter in this beautiful colonial building. It shall get in 2009 a double-swing and a climbing tower from the Children Park Fund Haputale. More information about this school at "Social Projects".

Location: Dambatenne Road after 7-km-post. 6°47'10.80"N, 80°59'34.76"E


2. Tamil Kanista Vidyalaya No. 2 is a primary school in the lower devision of Pitaratmalie estate. A second building and a children-park are coming up close to this school. All students and staff have been out at the day of this photos so there are no more information by the moment.

Location: Dambatenne Road 5-km-post. After the forest of the Managers Bungalow take the shortcut to your right side down the hill (200 m). 6°46'50.11"N, 80°59'15.79"E


1. Tamil Kanista Vidyalaya is devided in 2 schools but under one principal. In present time there are 16 teachers and 374 students from grade 1-11. The primary section got 2007 a double-seasaw, a double-swing and a climbing tower donated by the Children Park Fund Haputale. More information about this schools and the pre-school at "Social Projects".

Grade 1-5. The primary section is in 700 m distance near the lake (lotos pond). There is a large building with a class rooms for grade 1+2 and an auditorium grade 3-5. A new 2-floor building with 3 class rooms, a labratory and a computer unit overlooking the lake has been built there in 2007/8. Opening shall be in 2008. Present principal is V. Varatharajah. Vice principle is Thanaragajh.

Location: Dambatenne Road 4.5 km (from Haputale) near the lake. 6°46'30.26"N, 80°58'44.70"E


2. Grade 6-11. The main building with office, staff quarters and two auditoriums is in the center of Thotulagala. This school has started early in 1925 with 20 students under headmaster S. Ramasamy. Both halls have no middle walls and are in use by each three classes. Here like everywhere a problem to learn when sounds come from all sides. Except the office all buildings are in a terrible situation since all money has been used for the new school building at the lake.

Location: Sigiriya Village Road/Dambatenne Road 3.8 km (from Haputale). 6°46'12.74"N, 80°58'46.34"E


3. Pre-School Since 2007, the simple staff quarters of the school are in use by the 36 pre-school children until they get a new building close by. This pre-school got in 2008 a climbing tower donated by the Children Park Fund Haputale which will be installed after the opening. Some more donations came by foreighn visitors, UC and Pradeseeya Sabha to finish the pre-school building in 2008. By the moment there are no any furnitures, toys and educational material available. To help this pre-school please contact Dias Rest guesthouse in Thotulagala. More information at "Social Projects".

Location: Sigiriya Village Road/Dambatenne Road 3.8 km (from Haputale). 6°46'13.10"N, 80°58'44.91"E



Tamil Kanista Vidyalaya. A primary section school with grade 1-5 students. It started in 1924 for the betterment of the tea plantation children. There are about 106 children, 6 teachers and a volunteer serve at our school. This school got 2008 a climbing tower and a double-swing donated by the Children Park Fund Haputale. More information about this school at "Social Projects".

Location: A16 Colombo main road between Beragala (3.7 km) and Haputale (3.3 km). 6°45'34.41"N, 80°56'29.70"E

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