Social Projects

1. TrainMyBrain

This project started in the year 2006 as "Children Park Fund". The idea and support came by me, E. Oliver, management of all projects has been done by WSM Dias and sons from Thotulagalla. We have built children parks at remoted schools around Haputale. Schools in Thotulagalla, Pitaratmalie, Moussakelle, Kahagalla, Blackwood and Wiharagalla got each 2-3 toys like double sea-saws, climbing towers and double swings. But by the time we came to know about more urgent needs than children parks. Students and teachers asked for toilets, water, shoes, etc. That was the time that the "Children Park Fund" became the "TrainMyBrain" project ( Most of donations came from me and my family, friends, German Sri Lanka Forums but also by highlighted hotels, guesthouses, internet cafe and shops of this Haputale homepage.

Successfull projects since 2007

  1. Double-swing and double-seasaw for Thotulagalla elementary school (02.2007).
  2. A climbing tower for Thotulagalla lake school (6.2007).
  3. A double-swing and a double-seasaw for Kahagolla school (06.2007).
  4. A double-swing and a climbing tower for Blackwood school (02.2008).
  5. A double-swing and a climbing tower for Wiharagala school (02.2008).
  6. A double-swing and a double-seasaw for Mousakelle school (02.2009).
  7. A double-swing and a climbing tower for Pitaratmalie school (02.2009).
  8. Tharagai pre-school in Thotulagalla. Doors, windows, plastering, colouring, some tables, black board, wardrobes, toilet, well (opening 2009).
  9. We fixed a 500l watertank on top of the Tharagai pre-school roof (2010).
  10. A new house with toilet (22 m²) for a 5-head family (03.2010).
  11. Two TCCH students and a caretaker made a six weeks education journey to India (2010).
  12. 12 toilets at TCC Haputale, Thotulagalla and Pitaratmalie schools (2010).
  13. 100 pairs of schoes for students of TCC Haputale and Thotulagalla schools (2011).
  14. A set of hearing devices and therapies for a profoundly deaf boy (2011).
  15. Repair of a landslide broken house in Thotulagalla (12. 2011).
  16. A volunteer teacher gave 3 months german class (2011).
  17. A first aid box with medicine for the TCC Haputale (2012).
  18. A sewing machine, food parcel, water and electricity bill for a family in Haputale (2012).
  19. Same family, a mud wall collapsed after heavy rain. Volunteer students asked 30 € support.
  20. Each 100 Euro for driving licences of 5 students from Thotulagalla (2009-2016).
  21. 500l Watertank, pipes, taps and a sink for Glennanore elemantary school (02.2013).
  22. German class taxi for 3 students of TCC Haputale (2013).
  23. German dictionaries, learning and working books for teacher and students (2013).
  24. Support for an university student from Thotulagalla (2012-2013).
  25. New shoes, socks and care cream for 20 students (2013).
  26. School books, bags and schoes for some students in Thotulagalla (12.2013).
  27. 2 guest students from TCCH visited a german school for 7 months (2014).
  28. Dental surgery for one of our german guest students (2014).
  29. School Friendship Lahnstein. Gifts for a class of Thotulagalla students (2014).
  30. Repair of a landslide effected home of one of our guest students (12.2014).
  31. School books, bags and schoes for ten students in Thotulagalla (12.2014).
  32. Schoes, dresses and school bags for 2 children in Thotulagalla (9.2015).


Thanks for 2012 donations

Thanks from for February/March 2012 donations from Olympus Plaza Hotel, White Monkey Dias Rest, Amarasinghe Guesthouse, Bawa Guesthouse, Farah Guest Inn, Leisure Mount View Holiday Inn, White Home, Sri Lak View Holiday Inn, ABC, The Mist Holiday Bungalow, Loga Website Link Internet Cafe, Loga Herbal Products, Tea & Massage, Green Valley Cottages (Haldumulla) and Taxi drivers Raheem, Abdul Razak (White Home), Haniffa and Sanath (Sherwood).

This donations will help local projects of TrainMyBrain. Students of the TCC Haputale (Tamil Central College) have asked us for a first aid box filled with beterdene, surgical sprit, hydrogen peroxide, plaster roll, cotton, gose bandages, lint, scissor and pursope. All this has been handed over in April 2012 by WSM Dias to the principal of TCC Haputale. Additional medicines in worth of 1.628 Rs. have been given at 11. June 2012.


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