Holy Places - Churches, Mosques and Tempels

There are several churches, mosques, hindu and buddhist temples around Haputale. All of them shall find a place. Just send me your photos and the coordinates. There is also a big number of Kovils you can find at every junction, under big trees ans special spots. Some of them will be mentioned here too.

Nested in the Bosom of the Hills
Dimitri Fernando

"Sitting on a hill above the town are St Paul´s Catholic Church, and a short distance away, St Andrews Anglican Church. This quaint green-roofed church, boasts a beautiful stained glass of the children coming to Jesus. In its cemetery, can be seen ornate gravestones of many of the English planters and their family members who used to come to the church. A notable grave is that of Walter Stanley Senior, the writer of the beloved Hymn for Sri Lanka. "



1. Churches

St. Andrews Church (Above New Bus Stand)


St. Paul Church (Welimada Temple Road)


Assembly of God Church (Welimada Temple Road)


2. Buddhist Temples

Buddhist Main Temple Welimada Road (1 km)


Pankatiya Hospital Buddhist Temple (Bandarawela Road, 1 km)


Buddhist Shrine, Colombo/Welimada Road (near old Mosque)


3. Hindu Temples

Hindu Main Kovil, Colombo Road


Hindu Kovil - Tamil College


Kurunchi Sri Muthumari Amman Temple (Dambatenne Road, km 1)


Surangamuni Kovil (Eastside Above Haputale)


4. Mosques

Old Mosque from 1946 (Colombo Road)


New Mosque (Dambatenne Road opp. Tamil College)



Hindu Kovil


Conmatuwa Upper Devision




Road Kovil (Dambatenne Road, km 8)


Hindu Kovil (km 9)


Pathani Amman Kovil (km 9.5/dispensary)


Samimale Rock Temple (250 m above tea fabric)



Hindu Kovil (behind Teafabric)


Hindu Kovil. In the Valley, an excellent, quite place for meditation.



Hindu Kovil


Ganesha Kovil



Hindu Kovil



Hindu Kovil



1. Church


2. Hindu Kovil



Hindu Kovil



1. St. Anthony´s Church


2. Thotulagala Road Kovil (3,5 km)


Thotulagala Main Kovil


Kali Kovil


Thotulagala Kovil near No. 10 - shortcut to Sigiriya Village Bungalow



Hindu Kovil

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