Many guesthouses offer free pickup service from Haputale Busstand and Railway Station (guests only). Just call some hours in advance to arrange it. Book your room as early as possible during high seasons in April, August, December and January. Make sure to cancel your booking incase of any problem. There might be other guests looking for rooms. Please send your Haputale feedbacks to E. Oliver.

Most accomodations provide free welcome drinks, towels, soap, toilet paper, extra blankets, boiled drinking water, candles, iron box, 230 V, laundry drying place, first aid box, local calls (area code 057), doctor call, taxi call, reservation call, library, newspapers, magazines, tourist information, cooking classes and tour arrangements by own or local drivers and guides. Short and long distance tours are available in Day-Packages or per km. There are plenty of vans and 3wheelers at Haputale main junction. Do you travel with driver? Ask your guesthouse for special offers like free meals and accomodation.


1. White Home Inn (near Adisham Monastery)

211, Magiripura Welimada Road (2.2 km), 06°46.166'N - 80°56.526'E
+94-(0)57-226 8449 Mobile: (0)71 640 1545, (0)71 529 2726
Email: - Free Wifi

Single: 1.000-1.500 Rs. - Double: 1.800-2.500 - Triple: 2.000-3.000 Rs.
Breakfast/Takeaway/Snacks: 350 Rs. - Lunch/Dinner: 450 Rs. (updated 03.2015)
Cooking class:
free - Wifi: Free - PC available - no service charge

Recommended by: Loose, Tripadvisor - Booking via:, airbnb

I found this friendly and welcoming family on the way to the Adisham Monestery. Opening was in February 2012. Maharifa, wife of Abdul Razak, is looking for the guests. With them are the only son Mohamed Aslam and three lovely daughters Sanas, Nimnas and Apsa. They are very much interested to practise their english knowledge and like to meet more people from foreign countries. Abdul Razak is a 3wheeler driver in Haputale town and offers islandwide tours.

Views from west to east: Adisham Monestery Road, Boralanda cliff wall, the huge white Yalabedde Buddhist temple, Diyatalawa Navy Camp, Fox hill (look for a giant fox and year 1913 built by white stones), the colonial hospital Pankatiya, Haputale Forest, Surungamuni viewpoint and the cliff wall of Sherwood can be seen from the front yard. Just few meters towards Adisham road starts the Glennanore tea estate. Climb up to the antenna and enjoy the round view. Checkout: 24 hours.

The White Home has six silent rooms for guests. Five rooms have attached bathroom with hot shower. One room has a seperate local bathroom in the backyard. All rooms have a double bed, dressing table, chair and a drying rack with hooks. Three guest rooms and sitting area with TV are in the ground floor. Three new rooms, a restaurant with panrama window and private rooms are upstairs. Guests are welcome to use the family fridge and kitchen. There are also lot of toys for children. A washing machine with spin can be used by guests. Costs on request, free washing powder. 3 cars can park infront of the house.

24 guests can sit in the dining hall and in the front yard. Free internet is available. I spent here several days with friends and guests and enjoyed it very much to play carrom with the cildren. The lunch was excellent. We got lot of delicious curries with chicken, beaf, mangoes, beans, patatoes, bringals, salat, pudding and fruits. It was arranged for five guests but even 7+ were unable to eat all of it. Abdul knows very well how to make his guests happy.

Location: 2,2 km west from Haputale. Just follow the Welimada Temple Road and pass the Magiripura junction (1.9 km/little buddhist temple/Wiharagala Road). The White Home is about 350m after the Magiripura junction. The road to the Adisham Monestary begins shortly behind the White Home.

2. Leisure Mount View Holiday Inn

Magiripura, Welimada Temple Road (2 km), N06°46.039'N - 80°56.612'E
Tel.: 057-226 8327 Mobil: (0)72 591 4529 Hashan (son): (0)71 640 1825 Email:

1.000-1.500 Rs. Double: 1.200-1.800 Rs. Triple: 1.500-2.000 Rs. - Extra bed: free

Single II B&B: 3.500 Rs. Double II B&B: 4.500 Rs. Triple/Family II B&B: 6.500 Rs. - Extra bed 1.500 Rs.
Breakfast: 450 Rs. - Lunch/Dinner: 475 Rs. - Takeaway parcel: 300 Rs. - Service charge: 10% (updated 03.2015)

Recommended by Tripadvisor, Rough Guide and Lonely Planet

When I came here first time I was astonished about the amazing view. Saddled on the back of a hill, tea bushes all around and open view down to the southern plains of Sri Lanka. A fantastic area to walk around and relax. Closely are the Adisham Monestery and Tangamalai Sanctuary.

The family of E. P. Jayasena has started here a lovely guesthouse with 4 rooms.  His son E. P. Harshan Chamara visited the Bandarawela Hotel School and became the manager. His sister Shehani supports him. A new building has 6 comfortable guestrooms. The rooms are furnished with beds, cupboards, dressing tables, mirrows, drying racks, chairs and benches. All attached bathrooms have hot shower. The guestrooms in the family house are to the backside of the building. A comfortable lobby with TV is near the entrance. The new building has the best panorama view over the estate and south of Sri Lanka. All the area from Yala to Udawalawe National Parks can be seen from here. 22 guests can sit in the dining hall. 5 cars can park infront of the house. Checkout time is 12:00 noon.

All guests can use the phone for international calls (by list) ond free local calls. A common fridge, washing machine, iron box and drying place are available. You like to play games? We have carrom, chess, cards and Badminton. Taxi tours can be arranged. Bikes on request: Bajaj 80, Bajaj 150, 3 scooter.

Hashan´s sister Shehani gives free class how to wear Sari. Cooking lessons with meal are also available (1.500 Rs.).

Location: 2 km east from Haputale. Follow the Welimada Temple Road to Magiripura junction (1.9 km). A concrete road goes up to the Leisure Mount View Holiday Inn (150 m). A small tar road goes down to Wiharagala estate, a good shortcut to the A4 Colombo highway.


 3. White Monkey - Dias Rest

"Hillside" Thotulagala, Dambetenne Road, 3 km post, 6°45'50.21" N, 80°58'39.68 E,
Tel.: 94-(0)57-568 1027, +94-(0)57-579 0188, Mobil: +94-(0)72 409 3534
Web: - Email:
Free pickup by bus. - Taxi 200-250 Rs. - Internet available

Single/Driver/Lower Cottage & Family Rooms (dbl): 1.600 Rs. - Each extra person +200 Rs. -
Upper Cottage: 2.000 Rs - Please ask for driver room/meals condition
Breakfast/Takeaway: 250 Rs. - Veg. Meals: 270 Rs. - Lunch/Dinner: 380 Rs. (updated 03.2015).

Recommended by Lonely Planet - Stephan Loose - DuMont - Reise Know-How - Tripadvisor

"White Monkey Dias Rest" guesthouse offers the best and only low-budget rooms on the eastside of Haputale and is an unique place with it´s relaxing nature. Mr. Dias has two cosy cottages, two family rooms and a single room with comfortable bathroom, western toilet, hot shower, 2 bigsize beds, mosquito nets, panorama windows and well recommended meals and views. There is also a single room with roof and front terrace overviewing the scenery of the tea estates.

This familiary place is surrounded by tea bushes, jungle and a 700 m deep abyss. Sounds from hundreds of animals come up from the jungle. Wild animals like monkeys, deers, rabbits, wild pigs, foxes, hawks, owls, eagles and porky pines come close to the house. You can relax beside the cottage, on a yard behind the family rooms or on the roof top terrace. This land is full of colorful flowers, bushes and trees like peach, pashion frut, avocado, lemon, banana, cardomom, jackfruit, etc. A cat called Black-C and Two dogs, Lena and Blacky, are living with the family.

Especially the superb food of Fareena is well mentioned by all guests. You will not get out there before you are well filled.You can order Take-Away parcels, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, fresh fruit juices, water, softdrinks, ice-cream and cake. They serve fish, beaf, mutton, chicken, fresh fruits, fresh salads, dhal, rice and vegetables. The food is local and international according your orders. Spicy or non spicy, vegetarian or non vegetarian, sweet or sour. Do you have special wishes or allergy? They take care for everything. Meals like breakfast, lunch and dinner cost around 1-3 Euro.

Dias Rest has a telephone for local and international (IDD) calls and internet. A computer and a TV are in the family house. They have games like Chess, Dame, Carom, Cards, Uno, Jungle Speed, Monopoly, Black Peter, Memory, Domino, Baggamon, pick-a-stick, Ludo, Cricket, Badminton, etc. The library has a good choice of international books and magazines. 6 people have place in the dining room and another 10 people in the living-room. But do they celebrate a festival, much more people will come and sit on the floor. For the small injuries there is a first aid box. Ask Fareena incase you need a lock box.

Tours, hikes and GPS treasure hunt games with driver and guide can be arranged. Dias and sons have lot of good information about the area and know the special places where to go. Checkout time is 10:00 AM or 24 hours after checkin incase there is no other reservation. A luggage room is in the main house.

Dias Rest is located on the eastside of Haputale - at 3rd. km post Dambatenne road - on the way to world famous Lipton Tea Factory. From the roof top you can view over the mountains and down the southern plains from Yala to Udawalawe National Park, Kuragala Rock, Kataragama and the coastline in 70 km distance. There is a good view to all the tea estates and villages of Thotulagala, Pitaratmalie, Dambatenne and the 1935 m high Lipton Seat. It is just a footstep in the tea and a short walk to an amazing peak called Eagle Rock (photo) 400 m opposite the cottage. And realy, you can watch them every day.

Busses and vans starting all 30 minutes behind Risara Bakery Dambatenne Road. Bus 20 Rs. Taxi 200-250 Rs. Get out at 3-km-post Dambatenne Road. Free pickup service by bus. Please call us 1 hour in advance.


4. Bawa Guesthouse

32. Thambapillai Mawatha (Ave.), down under Welimada Temple Road, 6°45'56.32"N - 80°57'4.79"E
Tel.: +94-(0)57-226 8260 - Free pickup service call Fazmi +94-(0)72 915 7616
Email: - Web:

Single: 1.000 Rs. - Double: 1.000-1.500 Rs. - Triple/Family: 1.500 Rs.-1.800 Rs  - WiFi: Free
Breakfast: 350 Rs. - Lunch/Dinner: 400 Rs.- Takeaway parcel: 250 Rs. (no extra charges/updated 03.2015).

Recommended by Lonely Planet - Stephan Loose - DuMont - Tripadvisor

Mohammed Muzzamil Bawa is the owner of this beautifull guesthouse and well know as dealer for gems since his name was mentioned with a gem story in the first edition of the german guidebook "Abenteuer & Reisen - Sri Lanka entdecken & erleben" (1998). There are lot of positive feedbacks in his guestbook always praising the good kitchen and meals of Muzzamil´s wife Jeseema. They have lot of information about the area. Muzzamil´s ancestors came 300 years ago from Marocco.

Bawa Guesthouse has a double, three triple rooms and a family room with nice wooden furnitures and attached bathrooms. Another 6 rooms are in a new building nearby. Hot water by boiler. You can do international calls by price list. The family room is a part of the main house but has a seperate entrance. The double/triple rooms are in attached buildings with terraces and balconies. All rooms have tables, cupboards, racks, dressing table and chairs. A common fridge is free for all guests. Checkout: 12 noon. Driver room on request.

A garden swing is on the terrace. Balconies and roof top terraces have good round view. There is also a little garden hut near the entrance gate. A nearby tea estate invites the guests for a lonesome walk in a friendly environment. Down south are the lowlands from Tissamaharama to Udawalawe Nationalpark. Green bushes and flowerpots are surrounding this silent place. This lovely family offers you all the service you need to relax and enjoy Haputale. Rooms, garden and kitchen are clean.

The gem show room, sitting area, dining hall and kitchen are in the main building. You can play there games like Carom and cards, look TV or read some books, magazines or newspapers. There is also a locker room to keep you bags and deposit your tickets, money and passport. IDD international calls can be done. You can use the washing machine of the family. Iron box is available. Laundry service needs 24 hours. Free pickup service from the railway station or bus stand for all guests. Tours can be arranged by Muzzamil. 2 cars can park nearby. There are books and magazines in the library, newspapers by order only.

With a big choice of spices they will prepair you some delicious western, eastern, local and international meals. Standart breakfast is toast, butter, jam, eggs, seasonal fruits, roti and tea or coffee. Extra toast as much as you like! Lunch/dinner can be: rice and a choice of curry with fish, chicken, beaf or vegetables, papadam, salad, seasonal fruits and pot of tea. Snacks and vegetable sandwiches (8 slices) with tomatos, onions, salad, cucumber and eggs cost around 250 Rs. Food parcels can be packed for tours. Also softdrinks, fruit juices and drinking water are available. Cake, curd and honey by order. Kitchen is open from 6 am - 10 pm. Free cooking class.

Location: Location: From the railroad 500 m west, left hand upstairs, cross the Welimada Temple Road. Follow the foot path from the blue shop. Get downstairs before the large hotel wall. Free pickup service call Fazmi +94-(0)729157616.



5. ABC Guest Inn and Restaurant

109, Sherwood Part, 200 m from main junction, People´s Bank downstairs, turn right (downroads).
6°46'4.42"N, 80°57'31.19"E
- Tel: +94-(0)57-226 8630, Mobile: 94-(0)77 101 2113
Email: - Web:

Single: 800-1.200 Rs. - Double: 1.500 Rs. -Triple (com./att. bath): 1.800/2.200 Rs.
Family (4-6):
3.000 Rs. - Off-season: -300 Rs.
- WiFi: free

Breakfast: 310 Rs. - Lunch/Dinner: 340 Rs. - Take Away/Sandwich Parcel: 225 Rs.
Service charge
+10% (updated 03.2015)

Recommended by Loose - DuMont - Tripadvisor

Welcome to the ABC guesthouse which has been started at 10. April 2009. It belongs to the family of Saman Kumare. ABC named after Saman´s 3 sons Asmika, Bimsara, Chamod. This is a good place to stay and rest after your day tours. You can relax on the balcony, in TV hall, lobby, dining hall, front yard or on roof top. A welcome drink will be offered to all guests. The ABC Guest Inn is close to town. It has a good view to nearby Sherwood tea estate and lowlands from Udawalawe to Yala National Park.

ABC Guest Inn & Restaurant has 2 single, 4 double, 3 triple and 2 family rooms. One triple has a balcony, the second has an attached bath. All bath rooms have hot water shower. Rooms have mosquito nets, towels, extra blankets, toilet paper and soap. Free drivers room on request. Checkout time is 12:00 am.

Free WIFI and PC use. Internet 100 Rs./h. Sat-TV (99 channels) is available in hall and lobby. There are also Rado and DVD player to look movies and listen music. 3 TVs are free to use for rooms. International calls by price list, local calls are free. Daily newspapers free by order. Laundry service 3 hours (washing only) – 24 hours with drying/ironing. You can use the roof top to dry your laundry. Saman has games for your children like a carom board, cards, chess and dame. If you need to deposit important things, Saman’s family will take care of it. There´s also a luggage room for your bags. You can hire here a Honda 225/250 R motorbike (1.000 Rs./day), 50 ccm Scooter (800 Rs./day) or a 3-wheeler for 30 Rs./km. 6 cars can park infront of the house. Guides for trekking tours 1.500 Rs./day.

Restaurant: Visitors from outside are welcome. Times for restaurant, gate and room service are 5:00 AM – 10:00 PM. The ABC Restaurant has place for 32 guests and offer all kind of curries, eastern, western and local food. Also fresh salads, snacks, ice-cream, cakes and soft drinks. Guests can use a common fridge. Free cooking classes.

Location: Take the steps beside People´s Bank downstairs and follow the road to right side down. Free pickup service.



6. Amarasinghe Guesthouse

Thambapillai Avenue. 6°45'55.45"N, 80°57'5.08"E,
Tel.: +94-(0)57-226 8175, Mobil: +94-(0)77 776 3397 & (0)72 226 8175
Email: - Homepage:

Single: 2.200 Rs. - Double Room: 2.500 Rs. - Triple Room: 3.000 Rs. - Wifi: Free
Breakfast: 330 Rs. - Dinner: 375 Rs. - Take Away Parcel: 250 Rs. - Service Charge: +10 % (updated 03.2015)

Recommended by all well known guide-books - Tripadvisor

This familary, populary and well-known guesthouse of Samitha Amarasinghe is located on the westside from Haputale. It has a beautifull restaurant, TV-hall, library, car park and garden with countless colourfull flowers like hibiscus, coniferes, cannas, asters, roses and bougainvilleas.

Amarasinghe has 8 comfortable double rooms in the top floor from which 7 rooms have a balcony with good views to a nearby tea estate and the southern plains and coast of Sri Lanka. All rooms have tables, large mirrors, racks and nets. All bathrooms are comfortable with cold and hot shower. The family room has a seperate bathroom in the same floor. All rooms and the main floor have preciously teak panel-work. Checkout time is 12:00 noon. We can offer you a safe luggage room.

All guests can use the large library full with books, magazines and tourist information. 10 guests have place in the comfortable hall with an 102 cm LCD TV. You can relax in our garden chairs, on the garden swing or take a delicious meal in our restaurant. Games like cards are available.

As service we offer free pickup from bus and railway station for our guests. We have a parking lot for 8 cars. Tours can be arranged by local drivers. Our time for laundry service depends from sun shine. You can use our phone for national and international calls (IDD), for tour arrangements or to call a doctor, taxi or the next guesthouse. IDD calls by list. Free Wifi. We collect calls and emails for you and help you with your next guesthouse reservation.

Our restaurant offers spicy local, eastern, western and international food and has place for 20 guests. Like all rooms this restaurant is hold in an eyes-friendly combination of orange-white colors and light comes in from big garden doors and windows. Take away parcels, breakfast, lunch and dinner are available as well as softsrinks, fresh fruit juices, sandwiches and snacks. We serve vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries with rice, noodles, egg, fresh salads, soups, omelettes, devilled fish and chicken, boiled vegetables, curd and honey, shakes, ice-cream and fresh fruit salad, hot chocolate, tea and coffee. Opening times: 6 - 9:30 AM. 7:30- 9:00 PM. Lunch order in advance only!

Location: By walk take shortcut via railway station: Follow the tracks 500 m to the west turn up the steps on the left side, cross the Welimada Temple Road and follow the small foot path from the blue shop. Turn downstairs behind the last house. it´s the large building little bit down the road. Call for free pickup service.


7. Awinco Rest

A16, Badulla Road, Haputale, 700 m - 6°46'27.9"N, 80°57'47.0"E
Tel: +94(0)57 226 8620 - Mobile: +94-(0)77 355 3585
Email: - WiFi: free

Single: 1.000-1.500 Rs. - Double: 1.500-2.500 Rs. Triple: 2.000-4.500 Rs. (updated 03.2015)
200-350 Rs. - Lunch/Dinner: 250-350 Rs. Take away: 200 Rs. Service charge +10%.

Recommended by: Tourist Board - Tripadvisor

Awinco Rest has startet in 2011 by Gamini Priyantha. It is down under the Haputale forest. A small river passes the guesthouse on. The entrance welcomes you with some fish ponds full of colourful Koi´s. A front room and the dinning hall have a superb panorama view over the western valleys of Uva province. All the mountain ridges from Haputale town via Tangamale, Idalghashinna, Ohiya, Horton Plains, Diyatalawa and Pidurulagala can bee seen from here. One of best places to see amazing sunsets.

Awinco has a big hall devided in dining, rest and TV area. The front yard has lot of place to sit down and relax. All four rooms have double-beds, racks, mirrows, western bath and hot shower. Common needs like blankets, nets, towels, soap, toilet paper, first aid, taxi or doctor call are free of charge. Electricity 230 V. TV in hall. Checkout time is 10 AM. Some games like carom, chess, dama and Badminton are available. Local calls and PC-use free. Please contact Gamini for tour arrangements with car, tuctuc, motorbikes, driver and guide. Mountainbike (500 Rs./day). A library has maps and tourist information about the area.

Gaminis family offers local and western breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and take away parcels from menue card. They have a big choice of fish, chicken, egg and vegetarian curries, rice, noodles, vegetables, fruits, juices, softdrinks, joghurts and ice cream. Free cooking classes.

Free pickup service from Haputale bus stand and railway station.


8. Anushka Holiday Inn

6, Welimada Temple Road, N6°46.015 - E80°56.799
Tel.: +94-(0)57-226 8003 - Mobil: (0)71 816 3489, (0)77 349 1144, (0)77 736 2756 - Free Wifi
Email: - Web:

Single B&B: 1.000-1.500 Rs. - Double B&B: 2.000-2.500 Rs. - Triple B&B: 2.500-3.000 Rs. (updated 03.2015)

Breakfast: B&B - Lunch/Dinner: 350 Rs. - Takeaway: 200-250 Rs. - Service charge: 10 %

Anushka Holiday Inn runs since 2014 by Mr. Dassanayake and his sister. It looks like a private house but has 5 guest rooms, a big dining hall, TV corner and reception hall. They have a single room, 2 double and 2 triple rooms with attached bath and hot shower. All rooms have TV. Free driver room on request.You can store your luggage in a private locker room. Checkout time is 11 am.

Games like carom chess and cards are available. Free use of lobby PC and local calls. A common fridge can be used by all guests. A washing machine with spin and iron box are available. The backyard has a small garden to dry your laundry. Please call for pickup information. The manager can arrange your tours by van and car. Outside is a safe car park for 4 cars, well protected by a large wall and strong gate.



9. Eagle Best Inn

155/1, Arthur Sirisena Str., downstairs People´s Bank

Tel.: +94-(0)57-226 8185, (0)77 996 8913
, free WiFi -
Booking via:

Single/Double/Triple: 1.500 Rs., Panorama View 2.500 Rs. (updated 03.2015)
Breakfast: ... Rs - Lunch/Dinner: ... Rs. - Takeaway: ... Rs. Service charge: + 10%

Late 2014 started Eagle Best Inn with 8 double rooms and 2 triple rooms. Owner is Mr. Gunanakurubaran, his Manager Mr. Deen looks for all your needs. This 4 floor building has it´s entrance in the third. Downstairs is the kitchen, upstairs the roof top terrace with amazing views to the tea estates and southern plains of Sri Lanka. Yala and Udawalawe National parks, the coastline and Kirinda lighthouse can be seen from here.

The kitchen offers local, western and eastern meals, snacks and take away parcels. Opening times 5 am - 9 pm. Building booking for weddings available (max. 200 prs.).

Checkout 24 hours, local calls are free, international calls by list. Drying places are on the roof top and balconies. Tours can be arranged with own AC-van, 30 Rs./km, incl. driver charge.

Free pickup service from Haputale bus stand and railway station.


10. Belle View
53, Welimada Temple Road, next to St. Paul´s Church,
6°45'59.61"N - 80°57'18.10"E
(Ameer&Sons, Gift House Shop, Colombo Main Road, between Tuctuc stand and Petrol Station).
Tel.: +94-(0)57-226 8213 Mobile Niyas: +94-(0)71 710 8830 - Faleel: +94-(0)72 296 0006

Dorm: 700 Rs. - Single: 1.000 Rs. -Double: 1.200 Rs. -Triple/Family: 2.000 Rs. - (no service charges)
Breakfast: 250 Rs., Lunch & Dinner: 350-450 Rs. - Takeaway: 250 Rs. (updated 03.2015)

This guesthouse is one of the colonial treasures of Haputale with the charme, style and woodenworks of the late 19th. century. A resonable guesthouse behind St. Pauls Church which has his name for a good reason. The excellant view over the green ridge of Haputale and Sherwood, the slopes of tea bushes and the south-eastern plains of Sri Lanka. This place runs by Niyas and Faleel Ameer. All of them speak good english.

The „Belle View“ Guesthouse has a little dorm, some double and family rooms. 4 new double rooms are in two seperate buildings on the backyard. All rooms have mosquito nets, dressing tables and attached bathroom. Towels and extra blankets are free. There are two main halls to relax, read a newspaper, take your meals, look TV, make local calls or receive international calls, play games like carom, chess or cards. Also you can play cricket and badminton in the garden. A big car park is available. Eastern, western or chinese meals according your wishes. They have room service, laundry service and ironing. Guests can use the fridge of the family. Doctor on call. Luggage room available. Tour arrangements can be done.

Location: On air route just 330 m from the railway station there are two ways to find our place. Go to the town and follow the Colombo/Welimada road to the police station and turn left after the St. Pauls Church. Walking distance 950 m. Also you can follow the railroad to the cement steps, climb up to Welimada Temple Road and go back 250 meters. Than we are right side up before St. Pauls Church. Walking distance 750 meter only. Please call for ickup service from bus stand and railway station.

11. Dayanthi Summit Resort

33, Station Rd., 1 Lane, 6°46'6.82"N - 80°57'31.86"E
Tel.: Pradeep Abesingha: +94-(0)-71 411 5088 - Email:

Single: 1300 Rs., Double: 1.500-2.000 Rs., Triple/Family: 2.000-2.500 Rs. - Internet available

Breakfast: 275 Rs., Lunch & Dinner: 325 Rs. - Takeaway: 225 Rs. (updated 03.2015)

This cosy guesthouse in the center of Haputale belongs to Pradeep Abeysinghe. You will find it opposite the railwaystation. At the end of the Hotel Highcliffe Road. 2-3 cars can park outside. Downstairs are the privat rooms of the family and a pre-school (Mo.-Fr. 8:30-12:00 am).

Upstairs is a guestroom with attached bath, lobby and seperate entrance. Further rooms are coming soon. Checkout time is 10 am. Ask Pradeep for tourist information. Tours can be arranged. Free computer use. Internet 60 Rs./hour. Chess and card games are available. Outside is a small garden to play badminton. There is also a bench and garden swing for children.

Entrance and kitchen are open from 5 am - 10 pm. They offer local, western and eastern meals, snacks and takeaway parcels, all kind of meat and fish, mushrooms, fruits, vegetable, softdrinks, coffee, tea, ice-creams, curd & honey. Please ask Pradeeps wife for free cooking classes.

12. Polo Region Rest Inn
114, Welimada Temple Road, Haputale, 6°46.002'N - 80°56.928'E
Tel.: +94-(0)57-226 8207, -492 7019 - Mobil: +9-(0)77 580 8464 & (0)77 979 7545
Homepage: - Email:

: 1.500-2.000 Rs., Triple/Family: 3.500-4.500 Rs. (updated 02.2013)
Breakfast: 500 Rs - Lunch/Dinner: 800 Rs. - Takeaway: 300-400 Rs. - Service charge: 10 %

13. Sunrise Rest Inn & Restaurant
180, Colombo Road, Haputale6°46'0.00"N, 80°57'23.75"E
Manager V. R. Kumar: +94-(0)77 536 3244, (0)72 377 7484, 2 double rooms (updated 03.2015)
Single: 1.000 Rs. - Double: 1.500 Rs. - Triple: 1.800 Rs. - Family: 2.200 Rs.
Breakfast: 200-450 Rs. - Lunch/Dinner: 275-400 Rs. - Takeaway: 400 Rs. - Service Charge: 10 %

14. Sanduni Rest Inn
160, Badulla Road, Haputale, 1.4 km north from main junction, 6°46'49.7"N - 80°57'52.6"E
Tel.: +94(0)57-226 8165, Mobil: (0)77 591 0129, (0)77 377 2142 Email:
Dorm/min. 2 guests:
450 Rs. - Single (c/w): 1.000/1.200 Rs. - Double: 1.200/1.500 Rs.
1.500/1.800 Rs. - Family: 1.800/2.000 Rs. (updated 03.2015)
Breakfast: 125+ Rs. - Lunch/Dinner/Takeaway: 225+ Rs. - Service Charge: 10%

15. Cues-Ta Holiday Inn
118, Welimada Temple Road, 500 m, 6°45'59.20"N - 80°57'6.05"E

Tel.: +94-(0)57-579 9024, (0)728576291 - Email:
Single/Double: 2.000-2.500 Rs. - Triple: 2.500-3.000 Rs. (updated 03.2015)
380+ Rs. - Lunch/Dinner: 400+ Rs. - Take Away Parcel: 190+ Rs.

16. Wijaya Cottage
59/2, Welimada Road, after St. Paul´s church, 400 m, 6°46'0.31"N - 80°57'17.75"E
Tel.: +94-(0)57-226 8172 -Mobil: (0)71 062 5924
Single: 800-1.500 Rs. - Double:
1.000-2.000 Rs. -
no meals - common kitchen (updated 03.2015)

17. Well Come Rest Inn
72/1, Bandarawela Road, 400 m north from town, 6°46'16.37"N - 80°57'43.24"E

: +94-(0)72 912 7000 - Email:
Single: 1.000 Rs. - Double Room: 1.900 Rs. - No Meals - (updated 03.2015)

18. Lakshan View Resort
No. 86, Main Street, opp. Welimada Busstand, 6°46'5.97"N - 80°57'30.82"E

Tel.: +94-(0)57-226 8345, (0)75 633 1852-
Single: 800-1.500 Rs. - Double: 1.000-2.000 Rs. -
Triple: 1.200-2.500 Rs. - Family: 2.500-3.000 Rs.
(updated 03.2015)

19. Hyacinth Cottage
130, Welimada Temple Road.
6°45'59.25" N - 80°57'4.41"E
Tel.: +94-(0)57-226 8283
Single/Double: 1.000 Rs. Triple: 1.200 Rs. (updated 03.2015)

Blackwood (5 km)

1. Nature Horizon
A16 Colombo Road, upper Blackwood, 5 km from Haputale, 6°45'40.72"N, 80°55'46.21"E
Tel.: +94-(0)72 638 1938 - Mobil: +94-(0)72 452 3595
Email: & - Web:
all property for sell - 3.5 acres - 750 lakh (1.000 US$/perch) (updated 03.2015)

Galkanda (6 km)

Artist Cottage

Galkanda, Muthuvana Estate, Lower Devision
, 6 km walk, 12 km by taxi (pickup)
Tel.: +94-(0)11-4545 700 - Tel. +94-(0)-72 617 5985 (Manager: Teena)
- web:
Lower Cottage : 45 $ - Upper Cottage : 55 $ - Meals each: 600 Rs. - (updated 08.2015)

Ohiya - close to Horton Plains

1. Swarna Lily Rest & Shop
Ohiya Station Road, 06°49.098'N E - 080°50.590'E
Tel. shop: +94-(0)57-491 4299 Mobile: (0)72 450 5218, (0)72 912 6926 (tamil/singh. only)
Rooms: 2 triple & 1 family: 1.500-1.700 Rs.

2. Misty Mountain Lodge & Trekking Guide Club
Ohiya, Udaveriya valley, on famous Horton Plains-Bambarakanda Trek
6 rooms for trekking groups, living & dining hall, green & flower garden, awesome views

Tel: +94-(0)57-222 7303, (0)57 561 9772 Mobil: (0)77 764 6243, (0)72 764 6243
Email: - Web: - B. M. Mohideen


B. Thanks for 2015 donations

Thanks for February 2015 donations from Awinco Rest Inn, Anushka Holiday Resort, Eagle Best Inn, Bel View, Dayanthi Summit Resort, ABC, Amarasinghe Guesthouse, Bawa Guesthouse, Leisure Mount View Holiday Inn, White Home, Sri Lak View Holiday Inn, White Monkey Dias Rest.

This donation has been used for a muslim student of Tamil Central College Haputale. At 27. November 2014 her home got a hit by a landslide. She left her room just seconds before it got totally destroyed. Lot of her belongings and school needs got destroyed. From January-July 2014 she has been guest student in Germany.

C. Warning

Any problems or complains about bad touts/drivers/guides/comission? Help us to stop it!
Send the name, photo, vehicle number, date and further details to

Urban Council Chairman Upul Dissanayake
Urban Council Office in Haputale Station Road, right behind the town hall.

I have read several guestbooks and internet stories about some bad touts (guides & drivers) who are trying to make big money with overprized tea, rooms, comission and tours. Myself I´ve been whitness of some cheats and stopped it whenever possible. I spoke to all guesthouse and some shop owners. Nobody like to pay comission. Everybody like to offer best service to all guests. They asked me to help them. So I do! And you can help them too!

Please make advanced bookings for rooms. Don´t follow touts! Some take up to 100 % comission!!! Most guesthouses offer FREE pickup service from bus and railway station. Some by taxi service, some by local bus. Please arrage your pickup service some hours in advance. Loga´s Internet and Communication Cafe in the Station Road can help you with calls and trustful drivers. A taxi must be paid only if you come for visit but don´t like to stay.

Tuctuc, 3wheeler. A 3wheeler tuctuc costs approx. 0,40-0,50 €/km (0,20-0,25 €/km roundtrip). Lower prices in day time. Higher prices at night. Vans, AC taxies and luxery vehicles have higher prices.

Don´t believe any stories about full, closed, dirty or burned-down guesthouses. It means only that this places don´t like to pay any comissions to guides and drivers. Please call the guesthouses to verify the true situation. It´s also possible that some drivers prefer guesthouses from friends and relatives. I´m in touch with YOU and all guesthouses. Any changes reported to me will be actualized here after check.

All guesthouses have WGS 84-GPS coordinates: Copy them in a map program (e.g. Google Maps), print out a map and find your way by yourself. Some GPS devices and mobile phones have own maps where you can save the coordinates of your interest. So you don´t need to follow any tout to find your way.

Don´t follow guides to buy tea or other needs. Loga´s Website Internet Cafe in the Haputale Station Road has high quality tea and herbal products with reasonable listed prices. Please visit my Internet page. There is also an Ayurvedic herbal shop in the Dambatenne Road. All guesthouse owners have good knowledge about POIs and local prices. Ask them first. Save your money!

On tour: Be always carefully with your valuables (money, passport, camera). Guesthouses are not responsible for any losts.

Be carefully with invitations. Myself I made several trekking tours around Sri Lanka. Most families were friendly and welcoming. They did not espect anything from me. Just friendship, conversation and some photos. If you visit a party, a small gift is welcome. I would recommend a gift in worth of 100-300 Rs only. Leave the place if you think somebody is playing a game with you. You can ask your guesthouse owner or Tourist Police Colombo for help if needed (Tel. 011-2376941).

Beggers ... the unemplyment rate around Haputale is much less than other places in Sri Lanka. Many people work in the estates but salary is less. An estate worker earns 40-80 Euro monthly. Sometimes even not enough to feed a family. If you realy think there is somebody worth to get your help, please ask your guesthouse owner how to verify the true situation. Giving money is easy but knowing the background story makes it much easier to decide if help is realy necessary. This is the way how I did it passed 6 years. Me and friends are supporting projects around Haputale, mainly schools and students. My good friend W.S.M. Dias from the "White Monkey Dias Rest" in Thotulagalla guesthouse has good knowledge about the local problems.

... and children: Whenever I walk around estates and schools, there are begging children asking for school pen, toffeys and money. Friendly smiling, shining eyes, some words in english but I know: Lot of this children come from good households. Sometimes I stop, speak to the family, just to find out the situation. Some just laugh, some feel shame but no change. It´s still going on, listen the voices of the elders: "A foreigner, go run, ask money, toffey, school pen".

Keep in mind: Giving gifts to begging children is not good. They have to learn in school how to mangage their lifes. Every simple gift, even a 1 rupee toffey, will change a childs mind and character in a wrong way. They learn to beg more and more every day and miss the school education. If children don´t learn to handle their lifes, same mistakes will come to the next generation. Please help us to stop them begging. Don´t give any gifts. E. Oliver (2. March 2012)

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